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SMSQL - database clone remains after backup



we've a really fine working SMSQL Installation. There are just sometimes issue with detaching cloned databases after verification. It seems that sometimes a few processes do not finish in time and held open a session on the database. SMSQL does not detach the database forcefully like we are able to do with the management studio. (just this little tick - drop connection when detaching databases)

does anybody know a way to tell smsql to force this detach or even retry the detach a few times?

BG Christoph



Just to follow up and give the information, there SHOULD be a forceful detach for databases after verification in the latest release of SMSQL 5.2. Haven't time to verify but production manager told me. The change is default handling but not available to configuration or exposed to powershell cmdlets.

BG Christoph


I had this problem in the past with SQL Server 2003, running on Windows 2003 R2 server with an old version of SnapDrive and SMSQL.  I upgraded the SnapDrive to the latest version and the problem went away.  If you check the backup logs, you will see that the clone does not detach.  In my case it was a problem in SnapDrive, not SMSQL as I had originally thought.  Check your version of SnapDrive and upgrade to the latest version supported by your OS and SQL.