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SMSQL for Database with full-text indexing enabled


I'm attempting to use SMSQL for databases that have the full-text indexing option turned on.  The environment is Win 2008, Sql 2008 R2  When I attempt to migrate the database using the SnapManager configuration wizard, I can select the database on the database selection step and chose the LUN that I want it on.

When I click the associate button I get the following error in a pop up box:

     An error occurred while associating the selected sql object and the LUN.  Retry the operation.  Details:  startIndex cannot be larger than the length of string.  Parameter name:  startIndex  Stack Trace:mscorlib

The databases are created by third party software and the other databases on the same server work just fine so I believe that it has something to do with the full-text indexing option as that is the only difference I can see for this database.  Has anyone been able to migrate a database with this option selected?

Thanks in advance



have you tried manually detaching the database and moving the associated files (mdf,ldf, full text folders) to the LUNs.  Then reattaching the database and pointing to the new location of the ldf and full text files?  I think we had to go through a similar exercise a few years ago when a vendor setup a db and enabled full text.  The full text files got saved to local disk and threw SMSQL for a loop.  To fix we had to manually move the full text folders to luns and do a detach retattach of the database


That sounds like what is happening.  I did some more testing and found that if I used SMSQL immediately after the creation of the database that it had no problem moving it to the LUN.  But it appears that some time after that, the process that creates the full-text catalogs ran and then SMSQL reported the database as invalid and wouldn't let me do a backup or anything on it.  I am going to do some research into the process that creates the catalog files(I'm not sure what that is and where those files are yet) and try to move them like you suggested.  I will post back my success/failure.  Thanks.


SQL 2008 R2 is NOT supported yet as far as i know?!


That appears to be correct, I can't find anywhere that says R2 is supported.  I also found the following when searching for the files that contain these catalogs to try to move them:

"In SQL Server 2005 and earlier versions, each full-text index resides in a full-text catalog that belongs to a filegroup, has a physical path, and is treated as a database file. Beginning with SQL Server 2008, a full-text catalog is a logical concept—a virtual object—that refers to a group of full-text indexes. Therefore, a new full-text catalog is not treated as a database file with a physical path."  from:

I suspect that SMSQL believes it doesn't have the files for the indexes when in reality, there are no physical files anymore.  It appears I will have to use an alternate method to back up this database.  Thanks.


Anyone know when sql 2008 R2 will be supported or maybe an ETA? I've been using 5.0R1... so far everything works that I've tested except verifying the databases upon backup


SM SQL 6.0 is supposed to be available soon. SM Sharepoint 6.0 is already released, lets hope SM SQL is next.