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SQL snap manager


I have a six node SQL snap manager cluster running windows 2003 enterprise edition R2, we recently purchased SQL snap manager.

The documentation SnapManager 6.0 for Microsoft SQL Server installation and administration guide says the software is only supported on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition 4 node cluster.

Microsoft supports 8 nodes in a windows 2003 cluster:

Does anyone know more about this limitation? Is there a reason why I can't install it on a six node cluster?



It has been in the documentation stating that limitation all the way back to 2.1.  My guess is that this was simply all that the QA team validated up to and it hasn't been revisited since 2003 is an ancient operating system.  I'm sure that it will work, but support will likely be limited to 'best effort' should you decide to proceed.  Another option is for you to upgrade your servers to 2008 or you could contact your sales team and ask them to file a "Support PVR" for your configuration.