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SVM DR while migrating data using 7mtt tool



I am doing copy based migration using 7mtt tool. I got a 7mtt project setup with couple of volumes mirrored to cluster mode filer. Now I want to setup DR from cluster mode filer to DR cluster mode filer. Is it possible to do so before 7mtt project cut over? So that data is mirrored from 7 mode to cluster mode using 7mtt tool and then from cluster mode to DR cluster mode using SVM DR?



I would assume that you would be able to do that.  This would be a cascade style relationship and the second hop can only be done through the CLI.  Only one hop if you will is supported by NetApp.


When I migrated the migration tool was not as mature and I complete all migrations manually, its actually much more simple that it seems.

In the manual process I needed to migrate volumes which were snapmirrored from a 7mode appliance to a 7mode appliance in another data center.  The volume was large and creating a new snapmirror would have left it without protection for several days.

 I snapmirrored the source volume to the new ontap9 appliance and snapmirrored the destinations volume to the new ontap9 appliance in the second data center.  During after cut over I created the snapmirror relationship between the new ontap9 volumes the snapmirror was converted to new ontap9 snapmirror  and resyncronnised without massive data transfer.

I believe this is similar to what you are trying to do, I think the tool can also do this.