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Secure NDMP for NDMP data connections?


I see the following option in CDOT 8.3:

   vserver services ndmp modify -is-secure-control-connection-enabled {true|false} 


which is documented as enabling NDMP connections using SSL from port 30000.  


My question is: Is there any mechanism to do the same for an NDMP data connection in a 3-way backup/restore?







Mike -


The difference in NDMP design shouldn't matter with the control path.


I don't think It should matter whather it's direct, indirect, or three way architecture.

The only thing that changes is the data connection not the control connection ...


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Hi Eugene,

Sorry for my late response, but thank you for replying.  I read the "Secure NDMP" document a little more closer.  However I can't seem to find this document anymore on Netapps website. Anyhow, it does mention that data connections are not part of their Secure NDMP implemntation. Here is the relevant text from the document:


The data channel would continue to remain as it is. There is no encryption planned for data channel communication.



Mike Segapeli