Data Backup and Recovery

Snap Manager for MS SQL, BI implications


Im looking for a solution to using snapmirrors for BI, a lot of people use SQL Mirroring for reporting but this seems crazy when the netapp SAN is already doing the data copy for me.

My company uses SnapManager for all its backups and offsites them via snapmirror on every run (every 30min).

What im looking for is a way of using the snapmirrors for reporting at our DR site, this seems to make the most sense.

My initial thoughts were flexclone but then how do i roll in the updates, is there a recognised solution here that im missing ?




You are on the right track in my opinion.

If you need to update your data for analysis, you simply  destroy the old FlexClone copy & create a new one - assuming all your 'moving parts' (specific queries, reports, etc.) of BI application are located outside of the actual database.




Thanks for the input.

Just getting time to look at my project again.

My issue is they would like it to be as transactionally up to date as possible. that would involve removing and recreating the "snapinfo" drive , then rolling the logs forward.  Restore with Standby is what i envisage at the moment.

Any gaping holes in my plan ?