Data Backup and Recovery

Snap Manager for upgrade of dB.


Hi All , 
    Planning to upgrade the Microsoft SQL server 2008 to Microsoft  SQL 2012 in PR Site. There is a Snapmirror happening from PR site to DR site , to minimize the downtime , We will use and point the application and user to the NetApp DR. Once the upgrade is finish were planning to bring it back to the NetApp PR. Now the question is how about the changes that has been done in the DR site. How can we bring it back to the PR site the changes done. Can Snapmanager help? Knowing that the data in the DR site is still on Microsoft SQL 2008 and changes will be done on 2012  or is there any other way around. Thank you in advance!





I would imagine if you are snapmirroring you could perform a SnapMirror Reverse Resync.  This will send the DR data back to the PR vols in 2008 DB format whilst you perform the upgrade.  Then once complete you could reverse the sync back to DR which would release the PR vols and you can perform the MDB upgrades.