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Snap manager for sql question

I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me. I'm snapvaulting some sql databases using snapmanager to a repository on a fas2000. I'm using iscsi as the protocol. The destination svm has no igroup defined for the source sql server. When I restore from archive using snapmanager the restore works but at no point on the CLI do I see a snapshot being taken or Lun mapping occurring. How does the process work in the backend? I'm running ontap 8.3 with the latest snapdrive and snapmanager




Refer page 34 Requirements for restoring a database in SnapManager® 7.2 for Microsoft® SQL Server® Administration Guide

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Thank you but i have already read that guide. Im trying to understand exactly what happens at a volume and LUN level during the restore. Is a clone created? is the clone mapped back to the host igroup at the primary SVM how? Is the mount happening at the destinaiton SVM where the auxillary volume is located ?!! there is no irgoup defined there... I know what the dependencies are and how to configure them and everything works but im trying to visualize the process... out what is happening at the storage and host level to restore the snapshot volume and mount it from the snapvault destinaiton.