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SnapCenter 4.1: Migrating from Snapdrive with SnapManager for SQL to SnapCenter


Dear Community,


Is there anybody which can explain how to provision storage via SnapCenter 4.1 to VMware VM guest Windows Servers  (VMDK & RDM luns)  


The documentation is very limited. 


I have the VM windows 2012 server hosts added and cannot create new disks via SnapCenter 4.1.  Both the plugins for windows 7 SQL is installed and running.


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Hi  ,


    Once you have added your plugin hosts to SnapCenter Server installed with SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows package, you can do provisoning via SnapCenter UI from Hosts TAB -> Disks.

Prior to that you can also create required iSCSI session between your SVM and the plugin Host from the same UI page.

You can provison SAN disks (dedicated, shared, and Cluster shared Volumes).

SnapCenter  RDM LUN provisioning is currenlty only accomplished with the SCW PowerShell Commands. 



new-sdstorage -storagesystem svm ip or hostname -path driveletter or ntfs mount point -LunPath /vol/volumename/lunname -size #andunit i.e.200G -igroup igroupname -Thin -RawDeviceMapping -Datastore RDM-Mapping Datastore Name in VMware -FileSystemLabel filesystemlablename -PartitionStyle MBR or GPT


To access the PS module, you need to do first establish SC connection via 'Open-SmConnection' from your plugin host.

Then 'Import-Module SnapDrive' to execute above cmdlet.