Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCenter and Swagger


I used swagger to request "raw" report date out of SnapCenter. I noticed that the coresponding domain account needs to have SnapCenter admin priv's to do read data jobs. Verified by NetApp Support this works as desined: user with limedted privs are not allowed to request Data, generated by jobs, scheduled by users with higher privs.

So far, so good, NetApp agreed to open a request for enhancement for this.

Now, see what happends: 

As soon as I logged in at Snapcenter, using my admin-account via swagger, i received a token.

As soon as I received the token, my parallel existing web-gui SnapCenter Session  was broken and I was not able to log into the SnapCenter GUI again.

ok, I continued doing som swagger report request, all went fine. I disconnected by swagger, logged into SnaCenter GUI again, all fine.


Now see this:

again, I logged in to snapcenter by swagger, gor the token, did further report testing and remain connected by swagger.

all further snapshot jobs, created and scheduled by my account, weeks'n months ago did not start.

All jobs got skipped from friday to monday.

My swagger window closed in the meantime, so I logged into SnapCenter WEB GUI, edited each Ressource-protection setting, owned by me and from that time on, all scheduled snapshots got executed fine again.


this is strange.

Does someone else have any experiances with swagger and snapceter?