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SnapCenter for VMWare


We have SnapCenter for VMware in place will start working on details.

A few questions may make our work easier.

1.  if we take snapshots on VMs through the SnapCenter, will the snapshots be stored on NetApp volumes or VMWare datastores?

2. we plan to use VM snapshots to replace NDMP backups, since we have big amount of VMs, is that a good idea to schedule snapshot policies on datastores instead of on VMs? will the snapshot process takes longer if we do so? which way is the better choice?

3. we currently using Veritas NetBackup to back up VMs by using NDMP, sometime the snapshot causes issue on VMs, snapshot take too long or not delete correctly. is that possible we can direct the snapshot from datastore to volume?  or any other ways to improve the process?

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i will post something here just to ignite the conversation:


All your questions can be answered with a simple documentation read.


Hope this help!

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