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SnapCenter support for VCenter 6.7 HA




We are planning to move from a standalone vCENTER 6 installation to a vCENTER 6.7u2 HA installation quite soon. Currently we are running SnapCenter 4.1.1 for our vCENTER backups (I am aware of the changes in SnapCenter 4.2 ie The Data broker).


I have being trying to ascertain is there are any issues, compatibility or otherwise, with SnapCenter & a HA vCENTER deployment but I cannot find anything. This leads me to suspect that the HA entity is largely irrelevant to how SnapCente integrates but does anyone have any experience with this to know if there any 'gotcha' etc that we need to look out for? 


Thanks, D 



It's a very good question.


According to netapp interoperability tool: It says supported for-

SC 4.1.1 & 4.2 with VMwar vCenter 6.7 Update 2


However, the tool does not distinguish between standalone or HA (Be it SQl,Exch,Oracle,MSCS) it simply mentions the application name. But if you read their documnetation for 'Clustered' applications, they mention - You should install plug-ins on the all the nodes of the cluster. I guess that should apply to vCenter HA as well.

Extract from documentation above: If you install plug-ins on a cluster (WSFC, Oracle RAC, SQL Always On Availability Groups, or Exchange DAG), they are installed on all of the nodes of the cluster.


I guess NetApp might need to include vCenter HA into their documentation ?


I think someone from NetApp could shed some more light on this.





Thanks Ashwin. 


Maybe someone from NETAPP will comment. I do find it strange that there are no references to it in documentation.  



You're welcome. I think Alex Dawson is the man from NetApp. If he reads this thread he will surely come back with useful/accurate information.