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SnapDrive 7.1 in a cDOT iSCSI LUN environment


Maybe I'm reading documentation incorrectly but I was starting to PowerShell script using the SnapDrive for Windows 7.1 cmdlets and I'm seeing documentation refereces that imply the SnapDrive cmdlets only work in in a SMB environment, or some examples showing LUNs always reference 7-Mode examples. Do these SDW 7.1 cmdlets let me take iSCSI LUN (vol) snapshots and trigger SnapMirror transfers? ... or would I drop back and use sdcli for that sort of thing?



Hey Sir,

             I think you are correct. All new powershell applets in SDW 7X are for creating shares for Hyperv or SQL on SMB. I would be looking to the toolkit or the SDCLI to achive your ends. I had heard that someone had produced a Wrapper at one point for sdcli in powershell however i have not seen it. Have a great one!







Actually I found that I mis-interpreted a statement in the docset about SMB as excluding SAN support in a cDOT. Not true from my experimentation. I used the toolkit to create LUN snapshots (New-SdSnapshot), put snapmirror labels on them (Set-SdSnaphot), learn the ONTAP volume name behind a mapped drive letter (Get-SdStorage), etc  ... all in a clustered ONTAP environment. So yes, it seems to do what I originally expected.