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SnapDrive Install - Hotfix 937382 - No x86 (32-Bit) English version?


I'm unable to locate a x86 version of this hotfix. It is required to install Snapdrive.

Has anyone run across this?



Click link on top of MS KB: View and request hotfix download:


I'm in the same boat.  The download link seems to have every language for the x86 version except English.  Somehow Microsoft has either intentionally or accidentally (my guess) pulled the english version of the hotfix.


I got curious and checked on MS premier support site – fix is available for x86. Not all MS hotfixes are provided for public download; sometimes you need to explicitly request them (they are free, just provided on request). Have you tried to contact MS for this fix?


I contacted Microsoft and they stated they were experiencing issues with the hotfix support site.

One moment it shows only the English x86 hotfix and the next it shows everything but that specific language/x86.

You do have to request it and a download link and password is sent to you but (as mentioned) it does not always list the required hotfix to request.

I was able to get the appropriate download.

I attached the file (if you are comfortable with that).

Just rename the extension.

I'm only attaching it because this was an absolute road block for a project and I'm not sure Microsoft actually fixed the issue. I just happen to catch it working and was able to download the file while working with MS support.


Excellent!  Thank you very much!


I was after this too, thanks very much!!