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SnapDrive change ALUA settings


We use SMSQL 6.0.1 with SnapDrive 6.4.2 on MS SQL 2008 virtual machine. All LUNs are connected and server is in production.

The problem is SMSQL creates igroups to connect LUN clones to the SQL server with ALUA turned on. Our ESX servers igroup has ALUA disabled because we have MSCS and Microsoft Failover Clusters. When there are two igroups with the same WWPN and different ALUA settings it confuses NetApps, as well as ESX servers. Last time we had several dead LUN paths because of that.


1. Is there any way to change ALUA setting on Windows version of SMSQL (I know there is a configuration option in the UNIX one)? And force it to always create ALUA-off igroups.

2. How can I change automatic igroup management to manual igroup management if LUNs are already connected? Do I need to shut the SQL server down and reconnect all the LUNs or there is a less disruptive way of doing that?



Guys, can anybody help with this? Or it needs to be addressed directly to NetApp?