Data Backup and Recovery

SnapDrive for Windows unable to do a SnapRestore - affects recovery time in SMO for Windows.


Good afternoon,

I understand that SnapManager (Oracle in Windows for this example) uses SnapDrive to do most all its heavy lifting however SMO doesn’t seem to utilise a "proper" SnapRestore and rather a lunclone to do the work in a windows recovery situation.

A Lun clone (which is SLOW and SPACE hungry) is currently used by SMO for windows and to be frank is causing significant discomfort in at 2 customers.  I do know we can increase the number of copy threads and hopefully reduce recovery times however, it still isnt as nice as a snaprestore to minimise recovery times.  I do understand there are configuration prerequisites that are required to allow a snaprestore to happen, even in Unix environments.

I have been advised that no snaprestore support is a SDW limitation, can anyone help me understand how SnapDrive for Windows is unable to undertake a SnapRestore and if there are plans to fix this? Is there someone I need to be speaking with?

I look forward to your replies.


Mike Miller

SE, Perth, Western Australia.