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SnapDrive transport protocol settings lost after service restart.


Hi everyone,

On one of our SQL Servers we have SnapDrive v.6.4.2, OS is Windows Server 2008 SP2, the server is in a workgroup, not in a AD Domain.
In SnapDrive transport protocol settings we have a storage system defined and everything works fine, but after restarting the SnapDrive service (mostly because of a server restart) the storage settings disappear (the storage system is no longer defined) and SnapDrive cannot see the VMDK LUNs, therefore SnapManager cannot take SQL Server backups.

Any help or suggestions regarding a solution to this problem will be greatly appreciated.





I am experiencing the same issue and the OS is Windows server 2003 SP2.  Even after adding the transport protocol settings I dont see LUNs getting displayed.


Anyone ever come up with solution for this.  weh ave this on our exchange envionment...anytime any of the nodes are rebooted those settings get deleted and have to be re-enetered.


Just encase anybody ever comes across this and has a similar issue.  Ensure the account you are using is a domain account and not a local account on the system. Needs admin rights on the systems and ensure its used on all nodes of a cluster if this is a windows cluster / exchange / SQL DAG


also all nodes must be able to see each others filers.