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SnapManager 7.1 for SQL (Archiving Backup Options)


Good afternoon all.

Hope your well. Just wanted to share an issue we are experiencing with SnapManager for SQL 7.1 Within the documentation it mentions about 'Unrestricted Database Layout', and how this allows you to place your databases in any LUN configuration.

We currently have the following Configuration: One Volume, 2 Qtrees, 2 LUNs (One for SQLData, and one for Snapinfo).

This seems to work OK, and allows us to configure a Dataset Policy when running the configuration wizard. Unfortunately though when completing a Weekly backup (which we would want to Archive), the Archive Backup Options box is greyed out, and doesnt allow us to complete this.

When trying to initiate a backup from OnCommand Manager, this also fails. Looking in the forum one member resolves this issue by recreating the Lun/Qtree configuration (believe it was mentioned, to have System Databases seperate from the User Databases). I would expect this not to matter because of the new feature within SMSQL 7.1 (Unrestricted Database Layout).

Your thoughts and assistance would be appreciated,




Old post, but by chance did you fix the greyed out option for SnapManager for SQL.  Backup archiving options.


Hi guys,


Encase it helps anyone, I find that SnapManagers visibility of archive is pretty buggy and the following helps me resolve the grey box:


1. Ensure server has TPS settings for both source/dest filer

2. Ensure server is connected via iSCSI to both 

3. Remove dest filer TPS, disconnected iSCSI, add TPS back and reconnect iSCSI - restart snapdrive


Keep doing step 3 even without removing TPS just disconnecting the archive filer connection but selecting a different iSCSI interface on the Netapp system and eventually I find the archive box will display under Backup > Backup & Verify but I usually right click the server instance and select Backup Verification Settings as on the 2nd tab for SnapMirror and SnapVault - you can click the verification button and if SMSQL can see the archive destinations they will popup in a dialog after a minute or fail if the issue still persists and if I can get them to display here and with the -archivebackup string in place I find they work nicely.