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SnapManager Errors


We have 3 Hyper-V host running SnapManager for Hyper-V. Unfortunately when I run an application consistent backup, the jobs are failing and I receive various errors relating to SnapManager or SnapDrive. Below are 3 of the errors specifically.


(I did a vssadmin list writers and not seeing the writer in the error. Is there a way to specify a writer it should use?)

SnapManager for Hyper-V backup failed to complete

Backup of the Dataset Name: Test_9

Backup id: 4f337a38-e491-413e-896c-d3698e8ebf93 failed to execute

Error :Error: Vss Requestor - Backup Components failed.Writer {1072ae1c-e5a7-4ea1-9e4a-6f7964656570} specified for backup or restore cannot be found in the system.
EventID: 106
Source: SnapMgrServiceHost
(Again it mentions a WriterInstanceID at the end) 

SnapManager for Hyper-V backup failed to complete

Backup of the Dataset Name: Test_8

Backup id: 062ec6f8-685c-47f7-8978-30ad1dca6f0a failed to execute

Error :Error: Vss Requestor - Backup Components failed.Could not find component \6DABDF7B-CEE1-42ED-966F-E71E5834EAD4<CSV>66841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de:<HyperVWriterInstanceID>HOST01</CSV> of writer {1072AE1C-E5A7-4EA1-9E4A-6F7964656570}.
EventID: 106
Source: SnapMgrServiceHost

Failed to update SnapMirror for LUN drive \\?\Volume{c6a6803a-ff37-4a16-b02d-31247451dbc0}\.

Error code : The specified LUN resides on a storage system volume that is not a SnapMirror source volume.

EventID: 177

Source: SnapDrive


Any help is appreciated in advance.


NetApp Alumni

Is this writer present on host01 in vssadmin list writer ?




Please paste the output of :


1.Start cmd as an admin

2. diskshadow /l c:\temp\writers.txt

3. list writers




I actually see that writer here


* WRITER "Cluster Shared Volume VSS Writer"
  - Writer ID   = {1072ae1c-e5a7-4ea1-9e4a-6f7964656570}
  - Writer instance ID = {a885b2a0-5bd8-4a0b-b5f4-f045dce4e7d2}
  - Supports restore events = FALSE
  - Writer restore conditions = VSS_WRE_NEVER
  - Restore method = VSS_RME_CUSTOM
  - Requires reboot after restore = FALSE
  - Excluded files:
  + Component "Cluster Shared Volume VSS Writer:\3BBB84C9-9FB4-4A4C-92BF-4FE3473BBFB7<CSV>66841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de:27ce2496-1230-44f0-b558-0b736af88302:S51-HVHOST02-N</CSV>"
   - Name: 3BBB84C9-9FB4-4A4C-92BF-4FE3473BBFB7<CSV>66841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de:27ce2496-1230-44f0-b558-0b736af88302:S51-HVHOST02-N</CSV>
   - Logical path:
   - Full path: \3BBB84C9-9FB4-4A4C-92BF-4FE3473BBFB7<CSV>66841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de:27ce2496-1230-44f0-b558-0b736af88302:S51-HVHOST02-N</CSV>
   - Caption: Online\S51-MGMT01-N
   - Type: VSS_CT_FILEGROUP [2]
   - Is selectable: TRUE
   - Is top level: TRUE
   - Notify on backup complete: FALSE
   - Paths affected by this component:
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\Cluster\S51-MGMT01-N\S51-MGMT01-N\Snapshots
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\Cluster\S51-MGMT01-N\S51-MGMT01-N\Snapshots\
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\Cluster\S51-MGMT01-N\S51-MGMT01-N\Snapshots\18A9D530-8CFF-4050-B8CF-0041D7CE1B0E
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\Cluster\S51-MGMT01-N\S51-MGMT01-N\Virtual Hard Disks
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\Cluster\S51-MGMT01-N\S51-MGMT01-N\Virtual Hard Disks\
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\Cluster\S51-MGMT01-N\S51-MGMT01-N\Virtual Machines\
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\cluster\s51-mgmt01-n\s51-mgmt01-n\virtual hard disks
    - C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\cluster\s51-mgmt01-n\s51-mgmt01-n\virtual hard disks\
   - Volumes affected by this component:
                               - \\?\Volume{ccba56d4-f62f-452a-972c-344c0a7becd1}\ [C:\ClusterStorage\NA_HV01_LUN01\]
   - Component Dependencies:

NetApp Alumni

That looks right. If I understand correctly, than this writer is missing from "vssadmin list writers".

I would try following:

- make sure is installed

- remove and re-add the hyper-v role. This sure make sure the hyper-v writer gets reinitialized

-open a case with Netapp and specify the community thread as the problem description.