Data Backup and Recovery

SnapManager SQL Snapmirror integration


So we have a SQL 2012 installation running on Server 2012R2 Standard, which is a guest on Hyper-V 2012R2.


We have SnapDrive 7.1.1 and SnapManager 7.2 Installed.


Databases are running on SMB 3.0 shares which are presented from a FAS8040 running Ontap 8.2.3P2


All Database Volumes are SnapMirrored to an identical setup at our second site.


We are unable to get SnapManager to Verify the Database Backups from the mirrored destination. If we run the 'Backup Verification Settings' actions, and select 'SnapMirror and Snapvault Options', we get the error message  "There are no SnapMirrored Volumes available" when attempting to get SnapMirror relationship information.


Using the SnapDrive CMDlets in powershell. all SnapMirror relationships are visible, and status is OK.


SnapMirror Log shows the following:


SDAPI failed to get mirror destinations
[13:14:23.866] [SDAPI Communication Exception]: Failed to get SnapMirror status!
[13:14:23.866] Getting user selected Snapmirror Destinations....
[13:14:23.866]  Destination volume is not selected for source


Has anyone got any ideas on what to try, as I'm stumped....