Data Backup and Recovery

SnapManager for Exchange SnapVaults


Can anyone please help me with gettting snapvaults working with SnapManager for Exchange. No matter what I do the option to vault to secondary storage is greyed out or skipped over using the wizard. See attached image


I have run through the options listed in the following article given to me by NetApp support who have been useless on this and I only get a single email a day on it from them at most, but that is for another day.


I have deleted and recreated the snapvault destination volumes along with the vault policy see attached. If I select the backup verification settings > verification on destination volumes I can see the snapvault volumes listed in there.


What am I missing? This hasn't work since migrating the servers from 7-mode to CDOT where the vaulting work perfectly.








you can add secondary destination storage SVM information on snapdrive.


Yes I have added both the primary SVM where the server & DB's are located along with the backup destination SVM under the transport protocol settings within SnapDrive.