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SnapManager for SharePoint ... so confused


I have been tasked with installing SnapManager for SharePoint, running on a VMware environment.  I am not a storage admin, so I know very little about NetApp or it's technologies.

I start reading the doucmentation, and it says I need SnapManager for SQL installed first.

I start reading the documentation for SQL and it says I need to install the SnapDrive first.

I start reading the documentation for SnapDrive and it say I need to install SMVI to integrate with vCenter.

I start reading the documentation for SMVI, and it says:

SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure provides rapid backup and restoration of VMware virtual

machines and datastores whose active images reside on NetApp storage systems running Data ONTAP.

I already have a tool installed on our vCenter server called "Virtual Storage Console" (installed from VSC-2.0-win64.exe) that includes the ability to backup and restore VMs - so why do I need a second utility, SMVI, which seems to do the same thing?

Secondly, I am trying to figure out WHERE to install SMVI.  Do I install it on the vCenter server, do I install it on the VM Guest OS, or do I install it on my management PC so that I can remotely do backups?  But I again, I already have this functionality in vCenter using the VSC.

Can anyone help explain this?





Sorry, I got my wires crossed a bit.  I guess the reference to SMVI is in the SQL documentation and I believe it mentions to install in on the vCenter server.  So that is answered.  I guess I just don't know why I need SMVI when I already have VSC.