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Snapcenter snapping maxdb and oracle on one host


I'm running Snapcanter 4.3.0 and have already several maxdb and several oracle hosts configured to get snaped.

All works fine. 

Now i have a running maxdb host (already snaped by snapcenter) and on this host i need to snap an oracle instance in addition. I added the oracle plugin and so the host owns the maxdb plus the oracle plugin.

In resource view i chose oracle and so the oracle instance got discovered fine. I configured the protection, added schedule, load (storage)locators and completed this task.

As soon as i start the oracle backup, the job started in monitor-view and hung forever. No connection to the host, no host-logfile, not even en entry at the server-side SmCoreService logfile. The SMCore_JOBID Logfile said:


2020-06-11T16:39:01.0796098+02:00 ERROR SMCore_121384 PID=[22044] TID=[108] Error executing job handler: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at SnapMgrCoreService.BackupHandler.Execute(SmRequest request)
at SnapMgrCoreService.SmJobManagerConsumer.Execute(SmRequest request)


I had to cancel the job by cmdlet command.


The maxdb snapshot works fine, all the time.


Any idea?





The error you seeing is usually because the host (oracle) host dynamic memory is too busy to flush the memory for consistent snapshots. Try rebooting the host and perform another backup attempt. if i still fail you will most likely need to uninstall the plugin and re-install it.




The Plugin-Rollout works fine so far, and also the maxdb-snapshot keeps on working. 
If I start an oracle snapshot instead, not even a connection-Attempt towards the host could be seen.

This is all i see:



and the job keep hanging on server.