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Snapdrive 6.3.1 is released (Currently on hold till further notice)


Snapdrive 6.3.1 is released: (ON HOLD TILL FURTHER NOTICE - SDW 6.2.1 is currently GA and SDW 6.3 is FCS and available on the NOW site.)

SnapDrive 6.3.1 for Windows is an update to SnapDrive 6.3 and includes the following bug fixes:

  • Bug ID 434153: DFM RBAC: SnapDrive for Windows to provide configurable credential cache timeout value
  • Bug ID 437376: SnapDrive for Windows should not check for vol_move status for Data ONTAP 8.0
  • Bug ID 440822: The SnapDrive service in an ESX VM takes too long to start up in large ESX environments
  • Bug ID 445705: SnapDrive for Windows is not allowing Snapshot copy operations of LUNs on FlexClong volumes
  • Bug ID 447078: SnapDrive 6.2 for Windows fails to show FCP initiators when ESX is upgraded from 4.0.x to 4.1.
  • Bug ID 447254: Unable to take backup of VMs in a Hyper-V cluster shared volume cluster environment.
  • Bug ID 453967: Connecting to an existing Cluster Shared Volume fails with the error "Unable to locate a LUN to perform requested operation".
  • Bug ID 455839: SnapDrive for Windows in a Hyper-V VM tries to connect to unroutable IP on storage system.
  • Bug ID 458869: Dataset backup failing with "Error: Qtree was not found in dataset"
  • Bug ID 464870: Hyper-V restore failed with the error "SDSnapshotRestore failed"
  • Bug ID 473592: SnapDrive for Windows does not enumerate RDM disks if there is more than on SCSI controller
  • Bug ID 475282: SnapDrive for Windows ASUP string running in Windows Server 2008 R2 OS shows incorrect message.
  • Bug ID 475634: SnapVault update is not happening from MMC popup menu.
  • Bug ID 488612: SnapDrive for Windows enumeration is taking a very long time in Hyper-V environments.

SnapDrive 6.3.1 for Windows has the same features as SnapDrive 6.3 for Windows:

  • Support for performing Snapshot copy operations on virtual machine disks (VMDKs) in an NFS or VMFS datastore when using SnapDrive with Virtual Storage Console 2.0.1 or later
  • Support for space reclamation when using VMDKs in an NFS datastore
  • Support for DataFabric Manager server caching with RBAC
  • Automatic download of the storage system access control (storacl.exe tool) as part of your SnapDrive 6.3.1 for Windows installation
  • Bug fixes
    For more information, see the SnapDrive 6.3.1 for Windows Release Notes.


Thanks for the update Kris.


It appears that the link isn't accessible.


Same for me. Link isn't reachable.


I have been told that 6.3.1 has been pulled due to bugs.  No further details available to me as a customer...

Hope it helps



HI Brendon,

The release was pulled due issues with snapmirror and hyper-v lun enumeration.

1) SDW 6.3.1 does not recognize SnapMirror relationship for LUNs in a Qtree

2) SDW 6.3.1 does not enumerate Hyper-V shared LUNs ina non-CSV (Clustered Shared Volume) configuration.

Recommendation: If you have already installed SDW 6.3.1 and are having issues with these specific issues then customers are advised to downgrade to SD 6.3P2.

For all other situations:  SDW 6.2.1 is GA and SDW 6.3 is FCS and available on the NOW site.


Any updates on this?  We are running MS FCS in HyperV using CSV's.  We are on 6.3P1 and are REALLY affected by the enumeration slowness between snap drive and SMHV.  I heard a rumor that maybe there is 6.4 on the Horizon.  Please advise!




Yes, SDW 6.4 is scheduled to release this month.


Will SDW 6.4 have the improved Space Reclamaion performance / process ?


On that note - we are two months further & still no sign of 6.4 in the download section on NOW.

Any revised ETA for SDW 6.4?


Hi Radek,  SDW 6.4 just got posted and is available here -


Hi watan,

Thanks for the update - good stuff!