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Snapdrive: Error: Access is denied.


We have Exchange 2007 SP2 installed on Windows 2008 Enterprise Server with SP2. We where able to use SnapDrive 6.20.4519 to install the two luns for the data and log store of the First Storage Group. We then created a cluster and everything was running properly. We now need to add a second storage group. When I click on connect or create a disk we get the following error:

Snapdrive: error

Access is denied.



In case you have a cluster configuration, please check that the same version of SDW is installed on all the cluster nodes.


Potential firewall issue. To check if firewall is causing the problem, disable firewall on all the nodes and retry.




Disabled firewall service and still getting same error.


check the storage controller credentials under snapdrive from both the cluster hosts


Checked and RPC is setup and credentials on filer are set correct. This is a single filer node. We have the problem on our Exchange 2007 cluster backend server. If we use SnapDrive without having the Failover Cluster configured the problem does not exist. When we run from the command line we get the following output:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C:\Users\administrator.DHI>sdcli disk list

Exception:System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException: External component has th
rown an exception.
   at _CxxThrowException(Void* , _s__ThrowInfo* )
   at IsGuestOSEsxEnabled(CCommandLine* cl)
Unable to enumerate LUN drivers.
Error: Access is denied.

C:\Users\administrator.DHI>sdcli sysconfig list
Unable to get system configuration.
Error: Access is denied.


Hi ,

  i Have encountered the same issue here in another site.Using a domain admin account with local administrators rights seems to be fine. however i am using a normal domain user with local admin rights and thus hitting the same issue as you.By the way, have you found the solution?? Do let me know if you do.


Kelvin Tuan


If you use a regular domain account with local admin permissions on the windows server, then you should also add that same account to the local admins on the NetApp system. To do that, you can use computer managent, rightclick on "computer management (local)", select "connect to another computer" and select the netapp filer. Then go to "local users and groups" and add the snapdrive service account (the regular domain account) to the administrators group there. For more info, see page 59 of the SnapDrive admin guide: Let me know if this works.

There is also a patch for SnapDrive 6.2, 6.2P1, which solves some problems on Windows 2008 and in VMware: