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Snapdrive powershell script for scheduled snapshots



We are slowly migrating infrastructure from 7M to Cdot.


Some of the systems being migrated are windows file-servers with iscsi luns attached.

These servers have rudimentary scheduled sdcli tasks to create, rename and delete snapshots.


When the task runs, it deletes the oldest snap, renames the others one by one (incrementing the age, daily1,daily2 etc) and then creates a new snapshot (recent) + kicks off a mirror


I have been looking for a powershell replacement for this, hopefully to allow a bit more flexibility (timestamps, delete snapshots over X days old etc), but mainly to allow tagging with labels for snapvault use.


In my limited experience with powershell - it looks like this can not be done with the snapdrive cmdlets alone because the creation date is not exposed through the get-sdsnapshot output?


Can the above be done without relying on the Ontap powershell toolkit to provide some of the functionality that ive seen in another thread?


Thanks in advance.



While not a direct answer to your question, I would like to point out that SnapCenter 2.0 now has the capability to backup, clone, and restore Windows LUNs through the SnapCenter interface.


This will list all Windows LUNs across all hosts managed by SnapCenter and will allow you to back them up individually or as groups.

SnapCenter is policy based, so you can create one or more policies on how you want the backup to occur, including the desired retention.

It also enables SnapMirror and SnapVault updates


Hope this helps,



Hi, did you ever find a solution for this? We have just upgraded SnapDrive, HUK etc, and the PowerShell script that was in place to create snapshots, rename snapshots etc stopped working when we applied Windows Management Framework 3, which was a defined pre-req for HUK and/or SnapDrive. When we remove it, everything bursts into life. I've taken a look at the site to see if I can find a newer version but haven't managed to find anything.