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Snapdrive requires e0M?


I've trying to get to the bottom of discussion that was raised in the office today. I've been told that Snapdrive requires connectivity to the e0M port on the netapp filer to enumerate the luns. Once done the iSCSI connection itself is then initiate over the iSCSI network.

Can someone tell me if thats correct or not? My understanding is that the e0M is management only so surely having a server which may well be a client server in a multi-tenated environment which has a requirement to talk to the e0M is something of a problem?

Many thanks.




SnapDrive requires HTTP(S) or RPC connectivity (depending on your setup) to filer to manage LUNs. This can use any interface on filer which has connectivity to server and is enabled for respective protocol.


Thanks - that was my understanding as well.

Basically, we've got a dedicated iSCSI vlan so I want to keep ALL iSCSI traffic on that vlan - even the iSCSI management traffic as it's a dedicated non-routed network.