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Snapdrive unable to mount LUN on Virtual machine


I'm trying to mount a flexcloned LUN using SDCLI as part of a script and I see the following error in the Event logs:

SnapDrive Error ID 1120

Error code : Failed to create disk in virtual machine, Failed to Map virtual disk: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel..

I can manually mount the drives with no problem using SnapDrive MMC but this needs to be scripted as the process occurs every 30 minutes (mount updated SQL database). Transport Protocol Settings and ESX Login details are correct within the MMC.

SD is version 6.3.1R1

Host is ESXi 4.0 running Win2008R2 64bit guest OS.

Has anyone seen this problem before?



Gone back to SD6.3P2 and things seem more stable at the moment (this particular error has stopped).