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Snapdrive warninng (event id 309)



I have a problem with my Snapdrive.

Occasionally it shows a warning in event log (id 309) "Storage System does not have a live IP address"

What does it mean?

Is it something wrong with my storage?

Snap drive version 32-bit

Best regards.



I assume you checked the host and filer for network or dns issues and found nothing.

A possibility could be that the account used by snapdrive to communicate with the filer could not be authenticated by the filer. There were no issues with the domain controllers around the same time?


I checked for network issues, I can normally ping and access filer.

In snapdrive I can see all drives, snapshot etc. everything looks normal

In our network we don't use DNS to communicate with filer, we use RPC (In snapdrive in "transport protocol settings" I have RPC and Filer IP)

I can create snapshots, view them and delete. So everything looks normal.

This warning shows only from time to time and I do snapshots every hour.


DNS is not used to talk to filer. It is used to find filer IP from filer name. For testing you could try to configure filer IP instead of name in SnapDrive and monitor whether these warnings disappear. If yes, you have issues with DNS name resolution.


In subnet where the filer is we don't use DNS at all, I communicate with filer only via IP address

I setup Snapdrive according to document TR-3733-1209 I only change method of connetion from HTTP to RPC