Data Backup and Recovery

Snapmanager for Exchange 7.1 and restore


We needed to upgrade ontap from 8.1.2 to 8.2.2p2 on a FAS3240 because of the Aug 30 end of support.  Compatibility guide said we needed to also upgrade snapdrive to 7.1.1 and snapmanager for exchange to 7.1 (from 6.0.4).  Everything went fine - backups had to be rescheduled, but no problems there.  Exchange is 2010 set up as a DAG with 6 nodes.  Now the problem. 


I asked the exchange administrator to run a test restore to verify that there were no problems.  He ran performed a test restore of a mailbox database to a recovery database in Exchange (like he has done for the past two years in 6.0.4).  The process took the Exchange information store offline.  I checked the documentation and at the end of page 77 of SnapManger 7.1 for Microsoft Exchange Server Administration Guide

It states "After you finish" "After restoring the mailbox database to a recovery database, snapmanager will restart the Exchange Information Store and Replication services to make the newly restored mailbox database visible to you."  What!


This is a problem. 


Is there a method to perform mailbox database to a Recovery Database in Exchange Server without restarting the Information Store and Replication services - which will unmount the databases?  We need to not cause a production outage when trying to recover data from a mailbox. 


There is something that changed after the release of 6.0.4.  Also, I see that circular logging is not supported - but Exchange guy says circular logging has been running the past two years as well. 


Help please 🙂 Any suggestions?