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Snapmanager for SQL Server, strange error



We have a 4 node SQL cluster running 4 instances of SQL 2005 and Snapmanager for SQL Server version 2.1.1

All data volumes from all instances share 1 Volume with seperate Luns.

Netapp\Vol_5_luns --> SQL Datafiles

Netapp\Vol_6_luns --> SQL Logfiles

Netapp\Vol_7_luns --> SQL System Databases

On 1 of the SQL instances i get the following error:

[21:15:43.868] [SnapDrive Error]: SnapDrive was unable to create a snapshot of one or more virtual disks that reside on different Storage System volumes. All snapshots that were created as part of this virtual disk snapshot operation were deleted. Please check the application event log for more details. (SnapDrive Error Code: 0xc00402c2)

[21:15:43.868] Failed to create snapshot [AM1-SQLS01B\SQLS01B : 002].

All other instances, running on the exact same volumes run perfectly normal.

I don't have a clue, can anyone help me?

Kind Regards,

Patrick Twisterling

System Engineer @ iTactic, Netherlands.




The reason for this error could span from busy snapshot to configuration errors. I would suggest that you open a case with NGS and let them have a look at all the logs.





I found an article on now site.

Please let me know if this is a solution for your problem.

SQL310:Cluster Notification (CLIENT APP ERROR SnapBackup: SMSQL Version 1.5: (310) : SnapManager fo)

SQL310:Cluster Notification from filername (CLIENT APP ERROR SnapBackup: SMSQL Version 1.5: (310) on hostname: SnapManager fo) WARNING
SMSQL logs have the following errors-
Host's application logs indicate the following SnapDrive errors-
SnapDrive Error Snapshot event 211 'Unable to create a snapshot.'
Error message : ZAPI: An attempt to create snapshot 'sqlsnap__SQLDB__recent' of the 'SQLDB' volume with 'async' option 'false' failed on the filer x.x.x.x. Error code: 13020. Error description: The specified snapshot already exists.
SnapDrive Error Code: 0xc00402c2
Error Code: 0xc0040850
Failed to create a snapshot of the specified LUN.

Cause of this problem
This problem can occur when SnapDrive is not able to access CIFS share or corresponding SnapInfo folders are missing.

Fix CIFS share/file level permissions if applicable. Verify that you can access the share that contains LUNs while logged in as the SnapDrive service account. If this fails, correct the service account permissions problem.

If the snapinfo folders corresponding to existing SnapManager for SQL snapshots are missing, manually remove the __recent snapshot from all affected volumes.

Snapshots with missing snapinfo folders will be deleted after next successful backup.
Last Updated: 08 MAY 2006

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