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Snapmanager for SQL issue (error code:0xc0040807)


Hi all,

I create a schedule backup (daily) before a few days and yesterday watched that generate a couple of errors. Now all full backups fail, and snapinfo directory is corrupted. I can only backup transaction logs.

The VLDISK can be opened only from Snapmanager SQL application.

Finally i attaching Snapmanager SQL Logs.

Advice me




As we see from Windows Explorer the Snapinfo Dir is corrupted for some reason we didn't know yet.

The first think we do is to reconfigure snapinfo directory from Snapmanager Configuration Wizard, and move the Backup sets (Databases and Logs) to
another lun. We create a lun as the Backup sets we have on old snapinfo dir.

After that we reconfigure from configuration wizard the snapinfo directory only, that means that is not important to turn SQL Server Databases down.

Finally is a correct answer to make the application work.

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Hi Aggelos ,

Error code is related to LUN space. Need to verify that the SnapInfo LUN has not run out of space.

[15:22:05.347] #1 : [EC001QLMAIN - Northwind] : Failed with error code 0xc0040807.

[15:22:05.347] #1 : [EC001QLMAIN - Northwind] Error : Failed to open the snapinfo metadata file.

I would request you to contact storevault support on below toll free number or send a mail to for further assistence.

Australia:1-800-067-128 | North America:1-877-278-7858 | United Kingdom:0-808-234-1686


Yes, this is correct answer, we finnaly found that transaction log backup was huge, but we are off site...

Now we move snapinfo dir to different lun.....

Thank you very much

Best Regards