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Snapmirror Relationship Creation Wizard


In Ontap 9.3P5, if I run Snapmirror relationship creation wizard via System Manager on the destination cluster, the wizard does not give me an option to thin provision the destination volume within the wizard.  I am forced to modify the volume via cli after the wizard completes to change the volume option space-guarantee to none.  Is there a way to force the wizard to create a thin provisioned volume in the Snapmirror relationship creation wizard?



Wizard doesn't have it..


But SnapMirror target volumes inherit all properties of source volumes.






All of the source volumes are thin provisioned.  The wizard creates the volume as thick provisoned. The destination volumes do not inherit the space-guaranteed settings of the source volumes.


Previously it is use to inherit but I see it is not doing any more.


so to your actual question.. currently I don't see in 9.3 it actually exists to change from thick to thin while establish the realtionship.


i am thinking they may get this feature back again.. previously in 9.1 we use to have these settings.


I am seeing the same exact behavior is OnTap 8.3 P1.  All of my source volumes are thin provisioned.  When you create a snapmirror relationship through the OnCommand System Manager interface, the destination volume is thick.  There is no option to make it thin during the creation of the snapmirror.