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Snapmirror snapshot and Commvault snapshots


Hey Guys, 


We're doing hardware snapshots with Commvault Intellisnap on a volume which is as well replicated with NetApp snapmirror. 

Sometimes and in a randomly way, we have this issue : 


ERROR Snapmirror update from source volume '*****' to destination volume '*****' failed with error 'Failed to create Snapshot copy vserverdr.2.1185a79b-3ea5-11e6-bc55-00a09889fcd3.2020-10-09_200000 on volume *****.(Volume 03c70d37-c0f0-11e5-8989-00a0988dd6ca:***** does not have Snapshot copy vserverdr.2.1185a79b-3ea5-11e6-bc55-00a09889fcd3.2020-10-09_200000.)'. Relationship UUID '85827a8b-3ebd-11e6-bc55-00a09889fcd3'.
The snapmirror replication starts at 8PM.
Hardware snapshots with Commvault at 10PM and backup copy (hardware snapshot mounted) at 11PM. 
It appears that sometimes, snapmirror replication are still running when hardware snapshots happen. Could it be the the origine of that issue or is it something else ? I asked NetApp Support about that and they sent this link : 
I don't get that since snapshots vserverdr (snapmirror) and hardware snapshot (Commvault) are not deleted immediately. Snapmirror snapshot only after the next update and Commvault snapshot after the 10th one, we keep 10 snapshots on the source. 
As it is two differents snapshots, for me, it's not the origine of the problem, but maybe someone of you has already seen that before ? Does snapmirror replication and hardware snapshots can run in the same time ? Just a bug ? Thanks for all your replies. NetApp storage in ONTAP 9.1P5. 



I totally missed the right topic if you want to put that conversation in the right one, sorry..