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Snapshotting a vol that contains LUNs presented to Linux LVM



I have a customer who has created a volume and built 14 LUNs in it.  He has then presented these to a Linux host and created one concatenated volume out of them with LVM (dont ask me why !!).  He has snapshot the volume but wants to know how/if he can present the snapshot LUNs to the same server and LVM and then be able to access the data in the LVM concatenated volume again.  I am not sure this is possible.  Does anyone know ?




SnapDrive should be able to do this as I do it all the time with two LUNs in an LVM volume and it works fine.  However, my LUNs are 1 per volume/1 per controller.  I've never tried with multiple more than 2 LUNs per volume though.

You can script it too, but it would be very cumbersome...SnapDrive would take care of all those nasty details.