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Strange Cluster Issue


We have a 2 node cluster running windows 2008 and SQL 2008.

its connected to our 6030 cluster over FCP.

Each Server can see the disks and they are configured as clustered under snapdrive, Each box can see the quorum disks etc.

Igroups are configured correctly and the same for all luns, the zoning is correct as it can see the disks.

Failover of SQL used to work (Few weeks ago) now when you failover it takes everything offline, but wont bring it back online on either of the nodes then..

The only fix I have found is to reboot the box, its almost like the disk isnt being disconnected properly.. the only thing that someone has done recently is patched the box but cant tell me what patches have gone on.

Any one any ideas? I appreciate my information is a bit vaigue, but I didnt have much downtime to troubleshoot this.




Hi David,

Can you tell us more about which box are you trying to reboot?

Is it one of the two Storage Controllers or both? or else it is the Windows Server 2008 nodes which you are trying to reboot?

Thanks, Naveen