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Transfer Snapshot Policy to snapmirror destination


How are you all managing snapshot policy after using snapmirror to move data?   

This is for Data OnTap 9.1p2



For example,  I have data on a netapp system in location A, where the RW volume has a snapshot policy taking a daily snap keep7 and a weekly snap keep 2.   

 i am closing that facility and need to transfer the data to location B.   I setup a DP volume in location B where I am unable to set a snapshot policy so the volume gets a snapshot policy of "none"  


Then I setup a snapmirror relationship between these 2 volumes to get the data to location B.   Once i am ready an Operations team member performs the snapmirror break and mounts the volume allowing the rest of the team access and they are able to test.   But unless the Operation team member modifiies the volume to have a snapshot policy it remains at "none" .   


Does anyone have a method to manage this or a way to make sure that the policy gets set correctly? 







i have a nightly script that checking  my internal standards (see below). one of them is that a healthy relationship exists for each volume on all my clusters (which will then be monitored for LAGs in OCUM).  where i have "$ -contains $false", you can likely also add something like "or $ -contains $null" (i didn't checked!). note that his report will not pick up any volumes without snapmirror at all (i have monthly report in OCUM for that)



$SnapMirrors = Get-NcSnapmirror -Controller $clustersSessions
$SnapMirroredVolumesThatDontHaveHealthyCopiesOnDRBKAndRBSVMs = ($SnapMirrors | ? { ($_.DestinationVserver -match "DR|RB|BK") } | group SourceVolume | ? {($ | select -Unique).count -ne 3 -or $ -contains $false} | ? name -NotMatch "_Root")



The main idea  in the script is to catch things that i know i/other might forget and that have caused issues before. the script is a bit too customized to my company to share it all as-is, but if you want more snipps - send me a DM.


CNAMEs pointing to SVMs with high TTL                                                                                     
CNAMEs missing valid SPNs                                                                                                 
Sessions using old CIFS protocols                                                                                         
CIFS Shares that don't have exact match configuration in between DR and PROD                                               
Qtrees without quota                                                                                                      
Quota Errors Reported on Volumes                                                                                          
Soft limit quota breaches found                                                                                           
Volumes with quota is set on the qtree but disabled on the Volume                                                         
Quota SoftLimit And Threshold Need Alignment                                                                              
Quota limit seems to be too high                                                                                          
Quota has not yet calculated for some Qtrees                                                                              
Fpolicy is set on SVM but not connected                                                                                   
Fpolicy policy is set on SVM but not enabled                                                                              
Snapshot reserve is not set on all the copies equally                                                                     
The Volume snapshot reserve is set to too higher than the current snapshot usage                                          
SVM root volume don't have copies on all nodes                                                                             
SnapMirrored Volumes that don't have healthy copies on DR BK and RB SVMs

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK