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Trouble with Networker and 8.3.2p4 SVM-Scoped cDOT backups/restores


Having trouble with listing all volumes and browsing into volumes with Networker GUI and SVM -scoped NDMP on cDOT 8.3.2p4 4-node cluster.  The reason this is an issue is we used to be able to connect to a 7-mode controller with NDMP and browse any volume and selectively pick what we wanted to backup with a Networker SaveSet.  Now we cannot.


1)  After setting up SVM-scoped config using ECMP12366513 and ECMP1610206, we ARE able to connect to the SVM on the cluster using the SVM_admin_lif in Networker.  We are able to see the volumes on the same node that the SVM_root volume is running on, but not any of the volumes that are on any of the other nodes.  For example, the SVM owns 22 data volumes, 10 of them are on node 4, and the root volume is on node 3 where the other 12 volumes are.  We are only able to see the 12 volumes on the same node.  We have LS mirrors for the root volume going to all 4 nodes.  The purpose of the SVM-scoped NDMP config was to be able to see all of the volumes that belong to the SVM.  Is this a bug with the NetApp 8.3.2p4 code?


2)  For the volumes that we can see, we cannot create backup job and browse into any volume and select qtrees or folders.  We can only select the root of the volume.  Networker gives a message saying "This host does not support browsing of its NDMP filesystem". 


We opened with EMC case and their first response was requeseting us to enable the BRE extension.  I used "cluster::*>vserver services ndmp extensions modify -is-extension-0x2050-enabled true" but it did not make a difference.   That was due to sending them the output


Now they specifically say "NetApp has made some change recently that affects OnTap 8.2.4, and now apparently 8.3.2.P4 as well, which no longer displays the root volume names on the NAS."  .... but have not said what those changes were.







Since you are using SVM scope, dont use data SVM, insted, use cluster SVM/cluster managemnt IP as your backup hostname.



since 8.3 supports cluster aware, you can switch to cluster scope





Are able to run backups and restores via commandline from Networker now specifying the svm and the path, but the java GUI still doesn't support browsing into each volume.  You only see the volumes on the same node that the cluster management lif is on.  After further review with support, the java gui is not issuing the correct affinity and cluster aware commands as shown in the ndmp logs.   EMC said they will fix this issue for OnTap8.3.2 in their Networker 9 sp1