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Unable to take NDMP backup of volume


I have a netapp filer & ndmp backups are configured for Voumes & qtrees on the filer . We run a monthly backup & weekly backup for same volumes . There are 20 volumes , however backup is not running for 1 volume in last few days though the backup (ndmp) used to run fine before . We are using Networker as our backup software but no issues were found from Backup/host side .


The strange fact is that backup for 19 volumes is running fine but not running for 1 volume at all .

Secondly root acess is used to access the volumes via Backup software to login into Netapp .

Kindly help me to solve this .





can you list logs for your ndmp backup? may be try run backup for that volume manually so that it can show what error it is, at source or destination?


can you view enought space free on volume?  (snap reserve, reserve grow volume)



Thanks for the responses . We were able to solve the issue . The issue was that the Networker library as having the issues .  First we reconfigured the library again . Then we tried to see byte count of tape writing via cl.i in Networker(nsrwatch) . C.LI was updating the byte count so we were now sure that data is writing .

Secondly , the size of the data to be backed up was very high & G.U.I of Networker wasn't updating . Hence the issue was fixed .