Data Backup and Recovery

Understanding SnapManager 6 Backup Management Groups



I am a DBA at my company and we are in the process of getting our test environment ironed out, to go live with NetApp.  On page 105 of the SnapManager 6.0 for Microsoft SQL Server Installation and Administration Guide, it briefly explains the groups but not how the mechanism works or any reason why to use them.  For instance, I don't see the difference between setting up backup jobs in the standard group with retention of a week as opposed to setting up the same job, set in the weekly backup group?  I intend on setting up the following three backups for SQL backup to cover our two-week DR requirement, then archiving with SnapVault, to cover our monthly and yearly retention policies:

- Full backup of all non-system databases, once a day, in the evening, retained for two weeks.

- Full backup of all system databases, once a day, in the evening, retained for two weeks.

- Transaction log backups on all databases (except system ones), running every half-hour the entire day, retained for two weeks.

Any explanation on how the Backup Management Groups work, their function, and benefits of using, would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Mike,

the backup management groups are used when you need different retention times.