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cDOT initiator down


Hope someone can shed some light on this..


Using direct attached FCP tape drives (and Library) to a new 8020 running cDOT 8.3. The onboard CNA's ave been turned back into FC native with 1 port configured as a target for serving data and the other as an initator for the tape connection. Connecting the initator to an FC switch brings the port up, conencting to the tape drive doesn't.. The tape drive does show a connection / link light however..


Any pointers anyone?







My current information is, not every tape device is supported on CNA; unfortunately I could not find definitive list or support matrix. From technical point of view, CNA does not support FC-AL (it is dropped completely from 16G standards), so tape device must support point-to-point mode. It is not uncommon for older tape drives to only support FC-AL.


Another thing to check is connection speed. 16G SFP do not support speed below 4G.