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creating luns with snap drive


I've just installed Snap drive 6.1 on a  Windows 2008 SP2.  I'm using https to connect to the storage system.

I can connect to the filer manage the storage system in the console but not create luns. When I pull down the storage system in the create disk wizard I get a red circle with an X next to the name . "Authentication failed on the storage system, Error description HTTP POST - authorization failed"

In the filer logs I'm seeing "HTTP XML Authentication failed from "" with the IP address of the Windows server.

Any ideas?



Is you snapdrive user added to the admin group on the filer?

if not please try to check this:

the user should be added to a local group on the filer which is associated with a role having api-* and login-* capabilities.

for this you can do the following. (use useradmin commands on the filer) :

1. create a role on the filer with capabilities api-* and login-*

2. create a group and associate it with the above role

3. add your snapdrive user in this group.

As an alternative you can also directly add the snapdrive user to the default Administrators group on the filer, because this group has all capabilities.


The user is in the Administrators group but it is a domain user in the domain the filer is in not a local group.


The filer audit logs say the user can't be found. I set it up using the windows 2000 log in is using the when trying to access the filer. 


I reinstalled and changed the log in information for HTTPS to use the Windows 2000 log in. Snap Drive can now connect to the filer.




Im having the same problem when Im trying to stablish an iSCSI session to a SVM. 


"Authentication failed on the storage system, Error description HTTP POST - authorization failed"


I was wondering if you could tell me how I can reinstall and change the log in information for HTTPS for MS Windows 2008 R2.


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Refer KB  SDW HTTP POST - Authorization failed

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