Data Backup and Recovery

get started with SMO + RAC (dNFS, 7-Mode and cluster mode later on)



I already have some experience with the SMO and Oracle Single Instances and so I basically know how it works.

- I finished the storage structure requirements and I was able to create a backup-profile for my RAC test db.

- Backup on the first node/instance was successful (profile was created on this node too).

Now I stuck a little bit in testing the backup on the second node/instance. I noticed that the created profile discovered the second instance

[ INFO] SMO-07431: Saving starting state of the database: <db_name>1(OPEN), <db_name>2(OPEN).

but in the profile properties I only see instance one. (probably as it was the instance/node where I run the create profile command)

I already read some documentation and guides but I miss some detailed information about using SMO with RAC system. I read that it should work even is the local instance is down. (with the –force switch)

But when I try to create a backup of the rac-database on the second node I get an error (with and without –force).

Error-message when both instances are up and running (executed:

smo backup create -profile <profile_name> -full -online -retain -hourly -verbose

on the second node):

[ERROR] SMO-13032: Cannot perform operation: Backup Create.  Root cause: SMO-13087: Cannot query database metadata, error: /tmp/SM_9097785343023807096 (No such file or directory)

Any Ideas?

Are there any guides specific for SMO with RAC? (already searched here and in the NOW knowledge base - I don't need/look for general Admin or Best Practices guides about SMO!)



Snapdrive Version: 5.2

SnapManager for Oracle version: 3.3P1

ONTAP 7-Mode Version: 8.1.2

(later on - cluster mode - we acutally plan to start with version 8.2)


- Two node RAC

- OEL 6.2

- Oracle EE (actually PSU6)

- Storage mounted via NFS, dNFS is enabled

SMO Repository:

- Single Instance

- OEL 6.2

- Oracle EE (actually PSU5)

- Storage mounted via NFS, dNFS is enabled



I know you are asking about SMO however have you ever used SnapCreator? If so there is a related thread about using SnapCreator and RAC that may be helpful:



Thanks Dan,

but I would like to go on with SMO as there are already a lot of good experience with this product. I heared about SnapCreator but I didn't use it yet.

Are there any known plans of NetApp to stop working on SMO and go on with SnapCreator only?

No Idea for the problem of backing up a RAC db from the second node? Any tips for helpful docs/whitepaper/etc. ...?