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granular permissions for SME 6.0.3 in Exchange 2010 (SP2)


Can anyone tell me what the exact permissions requirements for the SME service identity account in Exchange 2010?

The admin.pdf document doesn't even attempt to answer this in terms applicable to Exchange 2010.




service accounts (snapadmin) , and domain account to install and configure the SME.

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That doesn't answer my question.

I want to know what the granular permissions in the Exchange 2010 organization that the SME service account (on the domain) needs to perform its tasks on Exchange 2010. This is seperate from local admin permissions, or log on as a service, etc...


The SME service account must be an "Exchange Organization Admin". The role "Exchange Server Management" is insufficient due to the things that SME needs to look at in order to perform its task. There is not currently a document that lists the exact tasks that the SME service account needs to do and what the minimum Exchange RBAC role is that can achieve that task.


The minimum reqiured by the SME service account is the predetermined Exchange role of "Exchange Administrator". For more details, or to see the specific permissions needed check page 35 of the SnapManger for Exchange 6.0 Admin Guide, the section is titiled "Exchange permission level required for SnapManager"