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mirror-SnapVault fanout scenario


Hello folks,


I'm trying to implement snapmirror-snapvault fanout scenario as picture shown.

Data protection deployment: mirror-vault fanout

Source volume has two relations to two differend clusters. One of them snapmirror, other one is snapvault. The replication process triggered by VSC & Snapcenter on vSphere. To do so there are consistent snapshot backup jobs and snapmiror and snapvault options checked for different schedules and retentions. There are 4 policies which I created. Hourly snapshot and snapmirror policy, daily snapshot and snapmirror policy, daily snapshot and snapvault policy, weekly snapshot and snapvault policy.


There is no problem about snapvault policy and snapshots. The volume on storage system C which is a vault system has daily and weekly snapshots only. But the same daily and weekly snapshots reside on source volume on storage system A. Is it possible to reside only last vaultsnapshot on the source I cannot find out yet. This is the minor problem.


The main problem is the snapmirror destionation volume on storage system B has all the snapshots of source volume. But the storage system B has no Snapvault license and the required snapshot retention is last 24 hourly and last 7 days of daily snapshots. I tried to create a new snapmirror  policy on the snapmirror destination storage applied keep only one sm_created snapshot but whatever I tried all the snapshots on source volume including daily and weekly labeled vault snapshots transfer via snapmirror.


What is the solution, is it snapmirror both destinations, and vault only on one of them ?