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mpio upgrade to 3.3 on windows exchange cluster



I have a question regarding installtion and upgrade of mpio, when we upgrade host utility and mpio on ( from release 3.0 to release 3.3 )

our windows exchange cluster node 1 (Node 1 is the passive one and node 2 is the active one). When we rebooted node 1, now we are

in a state of a loop. ( windows can not boot up, it is stuck in loop in the startup)

Do any one have some experience in this area?

Some information about our system before upgrade of Mpio 3.3 and host utility 5.1

  1. Windows Cluster (active and passive)
  2. Windows 2003 R2 SP2 (x64)
  3. Exchange 2007 (rollup 😎
  4. Mpio 3.0 (3.0.61027.756)
  5. Host Utility 4.0
  6. SnapDrive 5.0
  7. SnapManager for Exchange 4.0

The objective was to upgrade to

  • Mpio 3.3
  • Host Utility 5.1
  • Snapdrive 6.1
  • SnapManager for exchange 5.0

Have any one any information about this issue/problem, how do I resolved this problem?

Do any one have some more information regarding upgrading mpio/host utility/snapdrive?






Welcome to the community

I have a similar environment to you and have seen the windows stuck in the loop before.

Remove the FC cable from the HBA and let the server boot.  Make sure the cluster service is dependant on snapdrive.  This way the luns will be available when the cluster tries to start.  Reboot and it should work.

Hope this helps


Last week I did the upgrade from SME 3.2 to SME5 and all the dependencies.  No issues to report other than when upgrading MPIO the DOS box which opened gets "stuck" on upgrading plug and play devices for about 10 minutes then completes.



Hi Brendon,

Thank you for the input, it solved the loop problem. Do you still have the loop problem after the upgrade?

I had the same problem with the installation with mpio, but I hade to wait for a hour then the installation finished.

When you upgrade your systems did you take down both nodes in the cluster at the same time?

I have another question regarding the upgrade of mpio/host utility/snapdrive, in what order should the installtions be done.

I have read and heard many differend solution for it. It sess different things in every installation guide.

Host Utility






No the problem is gone but it has only been 3 weeks.

Turned off all the hosts connect to the SAN than did one filer there the


I did

HBA Drivers or iSCSI Drivers


Host Utility


SnapManager for Exchange