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protection option within smsap profile


Hi all, just need some help on a confusing issue. I have a smsap profile which when the profile displays it says Protection: None

I have another profile on another server which when displayed lists the proction policy,dataset name etc. How can I modify the first one? I cannot find an option within smsap profile update to allow addition of these options, please help!

First profile show

Protection: None

Alternate server profile show


  Dataset: smsap_cnnp0044_lp1

  Protection policy: CRM Snapvault General

  Conformance status: CONFORMANT



You need to setup the DB server to be able to communicate with both DFM and the storage system. See Appendix B:Configuring and Enabling Policy-Driven Data Protection In Snapmanager 3.0 for SAP. If you do a "snapdrive config list" on the DB that is working it will list the info you need to make the second DB work.