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question on smo clone spec please


With smogui we can make a clone without an explicit clone specification for us however it looks like if we use the CLI (smo clone create) we have to provide a clone specification. Is there a way to get around this problem anyone? Or is there a generic clone specification that behave similarly to the smogui.

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A clonespec is required for cloning from either the GUI or CLI

I am not sure whether you are asking about reusing an existing

clonespec, created with or without the GUI for another clone operation?


whether you are asking about being able to create a clonespec from the

CLI similar to what is done behind the scenes in the GUI?

Perhaps look up the 'smo clone template' command.




Thanks for your input.

What was trying to say is that with the smogui we have the option to let smo create/initialize a clone spec for us before it performs the clone operation. But we dont have this same option when using the CLI. I would like to have the program creates a template behind the scene when using CLI. Any suggestions please.



Yes, per my earlier reply, the 'smo clone template' command.

From the IAG:



Example command

The following example creates a clone specification template from the backup with the label full_backup_sales_May. Once the smo clone template command completes, the clone specification template is complete.

smo clone template -profile SALES1 -backup-label full_backup_sales_May

Operation Id [8abc01ec0e79004b010e79006da60001] succeeded.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for being patient, really sorry, I used a wrong word in my discussion.

smo clone template creates a "template" and not a substantiated clone specification that can be used as input in "clone create" command.

smogui gives us the option to create a clone using a clone specification it creates/initializes.

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Hi JS,

You are right, the CLI expects an existing clone spec file.  You can either create it once using the GUI and then pass it onto the CLI for future clones or use the "smo clone template"  command like Mark suggested.