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reversed Snapmirror relationship (Restore processing)


With Clustered DATA ONTAP, is it impossible to construct a reversed Snapmirror relationship (Restore processing) after deleting Snapmirror relation?

* I can not find a way to change Vol Type from RW to DP

* Reverse SM command can not be found in the beginning etc. etc ...

I guess that there are various obstacles and it is not feasible.


If you want to restore DestinationVol, is it necessary to create a new SM relationship after creating a new Vol on the Source side?



You can't restore the snapmirror relationship after delete, but you can create a new snapmirror relationship from DR site to Source site, and reverse the snapmirror relationship after resync the snapmirror




You need to re-sync the relationship in the other direction (in 7-mode there used to be "vol restrict" command to change a vold to DP, it's not needed in Cdot):

SnapMirror resync   -source-path  DR_SVM:DR_VOL -destination-path PROD_SVM:PROD_VOL


i suggest you do that right after breaking the relationship. to make sure nothing keep writing to Prod while the DR volume is writable (and leaves you with two datasets)



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I can not execute "Snapmirror resync", but does it need to be executed from SVM, not from Cluster?


You can execute Snapmirror resync from destination SVM or destination Cluster