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smo cloning with specific NFS admin mountpoint in XML file ?


When all NFS mountpoints required by an Oracle Database are located on the same volume, is it possible to clone with SMO 3.0 this database while including specific mountpoints for the clone ?

For example the source database has a mount point for datafile and another mountpoint for some Oracle admin files. Is it possible to clone that database to an alternate host with also a different mountpoint for admin files in the clone? i tried to add a specific mount point in the XML file (source and destination mountpoint) but the clone was not created with the specific mountpoint. Only mountpoint for datafile were NFS-mounted in the clone.

maybe it is simply not possible with SMO and XML feature for cloning....

any help is welcome.



Hi Moustapha,

SMO only clones the datafiles vol.  What you could try doing is leverage the post clone scripts feature of SMO to perform such tasks.  Plz refer to the SMO 3.0.2 Install and Admin Guide for more details on how the custom post clone script can be created and installed: